Serv Auto Group Logbook Car Service and Mechanical Repairs in Australia Serv Auto Group Logbook Car Service and Mechanical Repairs in Australia Serv Auto Group Logbook Car Service and Mechanical Repairs in Australia Serv Auto Group Logbook Car Service and Mechanical Repairs in Australia Serv Auto Group Logbook Car Service and Mechanical Repairs in Australia

About Us

Serv Group Auto Services launched in Melbourne Australia at the beginning of 2006 with a hand full of specialist car mechanics operating independent auto services and car repair services. Since then Serv Group auto servicing is now available in Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart and the major Australian regional centres of Geelong, Canberra and Townsville.

Providing high quality car servicing and auto repairs, Serv Auto Group was concerned with the public's incorrect perception that dealerships and franchise chains offered a higher standard of expertise and car repair services which is definitely not the case.

Vehicle dealerships are known to overcharge and under deliver. Smaller and more specialised local service centres are owner-operated, technology driven and more accountable to the customer. Logbook car service and automotive repairs should not be taken lightly.

Stalwarts of the automotive repair and vehicle service industry, Serv Auto Group car servicing centres represent the best and brightest auto mechanics and car service technicians Australia has to offer. The best for professional car repairs, all Serv Group Auto Service centres are auto transmission, clutch, exhaust, steering, suspension and brake system experts. A Serv Group Auto Service centre is the safe and local dealership alternative.

Nationally as Serv Auto Group, they promote this simple and honest message that besides saving money, the choice of taking your car to an independent mechanic should be based on superior relationships, car servicing skills, expertise and accountability.

In the spirit of common sense and cooperation, Serv Group Auto Servicing centres have formed a nationally organised car servicing network based on passion, expertise and equipment levels for various makes of motor vehicles. Serv Auto Group recognises that the local car mechanic is unlikely to be expert in auto repair for every vehicle make. The trend is to specialise in specific car services and engine types according to experience, training and technology. As a result car service and auto repairs are more cost effective.

Serv Group auto mechanics only work on the vehicle types that they can competently service and repair. Gone are the days of the auto mechanic covered in grease with a spanner in the top pocket. Automotive vehicle mechanics have become automobile technicians with a computer diagnostic link in a briefcase.

All Serv Group auto mechanics maintain modern, well organised workshops that are technologically equipped so that appropriate car logbook servicing requirements are undertaken on all automobiles that are within dealership manufacturer warranty requirements. Not only is your new car warranty on the line if log book service is not carried out but log books well maintained protect the resale value of what is commonly a consumers second biggest investment after their house.

Serv Group Auto Service centres are collectively and sincerely committed to providing a truly positive experience in car repair service when it comes to all vehicle owner automotive service and repair needs. At a Serv Auto Service centre, a full car service will not cost the earth whilst car manufacturer logbooks are accurately followed and maintained.